Permanent makeup eyebrows give an age defying and improving effect to people who feel their eyebrows have drooped due to maturity or any disease-related issues. This permanent makeup eyebrows proves to be time saving as it alleviates the hassle of doing your make up every day and possesses the instant beauty for a long period. However, it entails a critical procedure and hence it’s paramount to weigh its benefits alongside its risks.

Benefits (Pro) of permanent makeup eyebrows

The microblading eyebrows by Brows by Arli Jade are highly beneficial to you when you are suffering from allergies related to cosmetics and therefore permanent makeup hair liner is highly recommended. This will help prevent the negative effects of cosmetics to your skin and eyes.

They are time saving and waterproof therefore they will allow you to go to recreational sites such as the gym or go swimming with the confidence of not losing your permanent makeup eyebrow.

They improve your facial features to add beauty and drama to your eyes with the smudge-free eyeliner. The makeup eyebrows greatly increases your confidence since you wake up looking beautiful every morning. Besides, they bring to an end the fading and streaking of makeup especially to the athletes.

Risks (Cons) associated with permanent makeup eyebrows

Although the mircoblading eyebrows are beneficial, they have negative effects that include the fact that they can lead to infections since unsterile equipment and needles could easily pass infections such as staph bacteria.

The makeup eyebrows could you subject to granulomas nuddles that could form around your eyebrows caused by materials applied on your eyebrows that the body considers foreign.

Moreover, Allergic reactions to the ink used in permanent makeup eyebrows can be very serious since they are difficult to wholly remove the pigment. When you are prone to developing scars, you may be at high risk scars developing beyond boundaries, also known as keloid formation.

Before and After

Finally, dissatisfaction is the largest risk factor associated with the permanent makeup eyebrows considering that the results are meant to last for life.


Considering the benefits and Cons caused by the permanent makeup eyebrows, it will be up to individual personal preferences to have them on your body.

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